Ignorantia Juris Neminem Excusat

Channel Conduct

Key to your presence in the Valhalla Legends home channel, "Clan [vL]", is the understanding that you are there by the grace of the members. The channel is hosted for the members; any others are present solely because there has been no compelling reason to remove them. That said, a few guidelines are in order for things which you should avoid doing if you wish to continue to reside in the Valhalla Legends clan channel.

  • No visible anti-idles. If you must use an anti-idle, make it a silent one such as /users, /time, or /who.
  • No clients idle for an extended period of time. Members have been known to ban idle clients on a whim. If you do it once and nothing happens, count yourself lucky. It may not happen again.
  • Do not visit our channel with an account other people can use. If we discover an account is shared, we will add it to ban list.
  • The same goes for you if your bot allows others to control it directly, indirectly, through telnet, or any other interface. Your account name will be added to ban list if we discover this is happening.
  • No spamming. This includes automatic announcements of what song you are playing.
  • No begging. As an absolute best case, begging will get you banned until the next time the channel ban list is cleared. This includes begging for:
    • CD keys
    • Proxies
    • Bots
    • Wins
    • Favors (the gifted among you will note that this is a catch-all for anything not named above)
  • Asking for technical support
    • for a product made by a [vL] member: you may get assistance, or you may be ignored. Your chances are slightly better if you're asking the person who made the product.
    • for a product made by someone else: you'll probably get told to go away
  • Coming into the channel and asking the whereabouts of a [vL] member not presently in channel. We do not keep tabs on other members. If you want to find someone, ask that person directly (hint: /whisper).
  • Asking about the release date of a product created by a [vL] member. That member may or may not have a set release date. More than likely, the other members will not be tracking such things. This means that if you absolutely cannot wait, go find the author and ask him or her.
  • Accept that there is a dual standard. Members can get away with doing these things; you cannot. Trying to justify doing something by pointing out that a member did so will not help your case, even if the member did in fact do such.
Reasons You May Get Banned
  1. Disrespecting the members or clan.
  2. Violating any of the above mentioned items.
  3. Interrupting a member discussion, without having something vital to contribute to said discussion. Of course, 'vital' is judged by those you're interrupting, so think carefully before you speak.
  4. Interfering during an interview of a prospective member. Be silent during candidate chats.
  5. Stupidity, as judged by the member who decided to ban you.
  6. Your client automatically rejoins when kicked.
  7. You looked like it'd be fun to ban you.
What To Do If You Get Banned
Live with it; whining will usually make things worse. Bringing your grievance to the forum is considered whining. Members of Valhalla Legends have complete discretion with respect to how they treat non-members.

Do not bother asking why you were banned. If there's a reason and you didn't pick up on it, telling you won't do any good. If there's no reason, which is perfectly OK, there's nothing to tell.

What NOT To Do If You Get Banned
Try to get around the ban, i.e. changing IPs and coming back in just to show how "l33t" you can be. This will only get you shitlisted.