Ignorantia Juris Neminem Excusat

  • Members of Valhalla Legends are not to be kicked or banned from the channel 'Op [vL]'.
  • Active members are entitled to vote on new members.
  • Members have the right to kick or ban ANY non-member from the clan channel.
  • Members have the ability to banlist any non-member on the ops bot.
  • Members may ask another member for their toys. Don't be a pest/lamer.
  • Whatever you create is yours. Nothing belongs to the clan.
  • No [vL] member is under an obligation to share anything.
  • To receive ops benefits on the clan bot, a member name must include the clan tag [vL].
  • Members are encouraged to wear their tag in the home channel. Only properly-tagged names can control the bot.
  • Never kick or ban another member, except as provided by the Zeroeth Law. This is our only real rule, which applies to our only real benefit, thus is the most serious offense.
  • Members may otherwise do as they please. The clan puts no requirements or demands on them other than stated here.
  • Your battle.net usernames not containing [vL], will be safelisted with an attribute of 'S'.
  • Remember Op [vL] is your channel. You may ban or kick any non-member without any reason required. However, you are ASKED to respect other [vL] members by not kicking or banning their friends, unless it is someone you just don't like. Even then it would be respectful if you asked the [vL] member to get their friend out of your channel. In the end though, the channel belongs to [vL] and members take precedence over visitors. Talk to your friends somewhere else if they're not welcome by another [vL] member.
Valhalla Legend's ZEROETH LAW Guidelines for Enforcement
The protection of Valhalla Legends for all [vL] members takes precedence over the individual rights of any [vL] members. In the past some [vL] have assaulted the clan's lack of restraints and rules on the members and caused major disruptions in the channel. They did this all the while claiming that [vL] could not tell them what to do or not do, so it was their right to do whatever. So the Zeroeth Law is born, and enforceable by the leaders using their best judgment.
  • These guidelines are suggestions, leader can choose their own appropriate solution.
  • Disruptor should be whispered to stop the disruption.
  • Disruptor should be whispered to leave the channel.
  • If disruptor is DND or ignores warnings, leader may warn of impending kick.
  • If after kick, disruptor returns and continues, a ban is recommended.
  • Leader should use their judgment. If a member is abusing the bots, a correct response is to remove bot privileges.
Any leader invokation of the Zeroeth Law can be challenged by the disruptor and subject to a 2/3 member vote of disapproval, upon which the leader is required to apologize to the disruptor or step down as leader. If the disruptor loses the challenge, ops bot privileges are revoked for 30 days.