Valhalla Legends
  • December 25, 1999 - The clan was founded when Grok, Raven, and Wizzbert decided on the name "Valhalla Legends", the tag ^vL^, and the channel "Asgård".
  • January, 2000 - About 10 members signed up within the first month. Most of these were hand-selected by the leaders as being central to the clan's stability and growth.
  • March, 2000 - The clan has moved to "Clan [vL]" and guarded by EBBOT watchdogs hosted by Adron.
  • April, 2000 - By now the clan has 20 solid members, and two have quit.
  • May, 2000 - Due to the concentration of technical skills, the clan members agree to participate in the Diablo II Beta program. A significant number of very interesting bugs are found by members and reported to Blizzard.
  • July 8 2001 - Yoni joins vL, vL instantly becomes amazingly cool and gains world popularity.
  • 2002 - Valhalla Legends welcome more new members.