Document Name Document Author
Flood Protection C-like code [vL]Adron
Basics for reversing a game protocol [vL]Adron
Decrypting encrypted programs [vL]Adron
Emulating magnetic stripe cards [vL]Adron flags specification Arta[vL]
Sample edit window code for a console bot [vL]DarkMinion
Statstring Parsing [vL]DarkMinion
Packet 0x09 Format [vL]DarkMinion
PacketBuffer Class [vL]DarkMinion
VB Flood Protection Grok[vL]
Rich Text Box Procedure Grok[vL] Chat Client Grok[vL]
SvcHost header for writing SvcHost services Skywing[vL]
BotNet Protocol Specification Skywing[vL]
Ban Command Processor Skywing[vL]
Profile Request Skywing[vL] File Downloading Skywing[vL]
Warcraft III Statstring Parsing Skywing[vL]
Main.cpp from project SimpleBot Skywing[vL]
Restoring the System Tray Icon Skywing[vL]
ZeroBot Plugin DLL Reference Skywing[vL]
CryptoAPI Signing Example Skywing[vL]
MiniChat (C++ chat gateway client) Skywing[vL]
BNLS Protocol Specification Yoni[vL] and Skywing[vL] File Transfer Protocol Documentation Yoni[vL]
WebChannel (BinaryChatISAPI) Documentation Spht
Intel 80386 Programmer's Reference Manual (1986) Intel
IA-32 Manual Volume I: Basic Architecture Intel
IA-32 Manual Volume II: Instruction Set Reference Intel
IA-32 Manual Volume III: System Programming Guide Intel
Portable Executable Format Micheal J. O'Leary