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World of Warcraft "Battle.net.dll"

Started by Sixen, September 28, 2008, 05:59 AM

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What a messy list...

Got bored and decided to make a little port 6112 scanner thing...
West's range gave, 78, 103, 201-214.
East's range gave, 148, 201-213, and 215.
Europe's range gave, 194, and 208.
Asia's range gave, 83, 133, 201-209, 211-222 and 224.

Some of these servers disconnect you when you send a packet, some try to make you connect on old versions (IX86verX.mpq)...


Probably since some of those are MCP servers (, for example), and probably disconnect you if you start sending SID_AUTH_INFO...


Ya, I noticed that... but there's a lot of servers and ranges that I doubt would all be MCP...


Don't forget to include the Beta (also known as Westfall) realm.
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12.129.237.* changes too much... They seem to run through a different IP for each new beta.


now were listing servers? lol, Im just saying there going to need to add a shitload more, and i forgot wat i was gunna say.


Iono... I think there's plenty to handle logins. I doubt they're going to run actual gameplay on the BNCS servers.