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Re: Counter-Strike Problems.

Started by Naem, March 02, 2003, 08:12 AM

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This would probably be a question better suited in the CS forum  ;)

First, I need to know if you have the CS Mod or Retail version. Look at the exact path you use to start counter-strike. If it's "hl.exe" then it's the Mod version of CS; if it's "cstrike.exe" it's the retail version.

If you have the Counter-Strike MOD:

You'll need to download the CS 1.5 patch: http://dug.dughg.com/files/halflife/counterstrike/patches/full/windows/csv15full.exe (121 MB)

You may also need to download the Half-Life patch. When you start CS, look at the bottom right corner of the screen and it should say something like "v46/". If it doesn't say "" you'll need the Half-Life patch: http://dug.dughg.com/files/halflife/client/full/hl1110.exe


For the retail (not mod) patch, visit counter-strike.net.
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Yes, this ought to be on cs forum :P
This'll make an interesting test for broken AV:


I have the same problem. I downloaded the correct HL update and the CS 1.5 MOD and I have installed everything correctly but it wont connect to any servers or get a list of servers.


I did, I follow the 3 steps on there site. I have all the working files.


How so?


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I'm pretty sure this is your problem..
Basically, your woncomm file isn't updated with the current new WON servers. WoN sucks.. they don't tell people they update, but whatever.

Go to your valve folder, for me as an example is: F:\Sierra\Half-Life\Valve\ and find the "wonncomm" file, copy that file and rename it as woncommOLD or whatever as a backup. Then in the woncomm file, replace whatever is in there with this:

/// Server Lists





So.. hopefully that should help you.

Anywho, who's up for some CS? :/