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Request for Research: The Lockdown/Psistorm authentication system

Started by Arta, November 20, 2006, 07:53 AM

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The ix86ver authentication system, which implemented CheckRevision, has been modified by Blizzard. The new version is seemingly somewhat more secure since very little useful information has been made available since its implementation.

In order for BnetDocs to remain useful in the long term, this new system must be documented. Any useful information would, as always, be greatly appreciated. In particular, the following points need to be addressed:

* What is the overall approach taken by the new system?

* What algorithm(s) are implemented by the new challenge DLLs (lockdown-ix86-nn, psistorm-pmac-nn)?

* Pseudocode for these algorithm(s) should be published.

* How can the measures used to prevent these DLLs being called by third party applications be bypassed?

* What changes have been made to the BNCS protocol to support the new system?

If anybody is interested in contributing this kind of information, please post here. BnetDocs is still used by a large number of people, who will all no doubt appreciate your efforts!


Absolutely no changes have been made to the protocol. Lockdown is called as normal, with the same argument being passed to it (although calling it a checksum formula is now wrong).
Quote from: brew on April 25, 2007, 07:33 PM
that made me feel like a total idiot. this entire thing was useless.


As well as calling the statstring an EXE Info string.  I kinda thought he wanted to make a document devoted to this not how it affected bnetdocs in its current state, otherwise there isn't much research to be done :-\


Well, that bnet packet website of arta's wouldn't be entirely affected by lockdown. The only alterations needed would be what the returned values should be described as. I don't know if there's a general consesus as to what these return values will be referred to as, but theyre related to the SHA1 output.