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Request for Research: MCP Startup Data

Started by Arta, August 31, 2005, 03:57 AM

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The 16 DWords are from SID_LOGONREALMEX.

CHUNK1[1 and 2]
CHUNK2[1 to 12]

Chunk2[1] appears to be 0
Chunk2[4] is the game DWord [D2DV/D2XP]
Chunk2[5] is the architecture DWord [IX86/PMAC/XMAC]
Chunk2[7] seems to be 1033 (English)
Don't have any info on the rest of it



Well, some things have changed since last year, and here's what I've got so far:

MCP Cookie should be Client Token from SID_LOGONREALMEX.
MCP Status is still unknown for the most part.

MCP Chunk 1
Part 1: BNCS Server IP (the one you're already connected to).
Part 2: UDP Value from SID_AUTH_INFO

MCP Cunk 2
Part 1: 00 00 06 00 (Unknown const)
Part 2: 88 69 AE 00 (Unknown const)
Part 3: Seems to have to do with which gateway you're on.
Part 4: Product (D2DV/D2XP)
Part 5: Platform (IX86/PMAC/XMAC)
Part 6: BNCS Server IP (again!)
Part 7: 09 04 00 00 (1033 aka enUS, meaning language)
Part 8-12: I'm almost certain this is a hash of SOMETHING.

Account name.

Part 3 seems to be a constant value for each gateway. These have changed in the past, but the current values are:
West: AA 82 A2 91
East: 10 4B 5E 70
Europe: F0 7D 59 E6
Asia: 0C 32 61 F3


I did this years ago, but since then, it continues to change alot.
Last time the format of this body changed, was about 5 days ago.
Here's what it currently is:

'(DWORD) Request ID
'(DWORD) Unknown
'(DWORD) Battle.net IP
'(DWORD) UDP Token
'(WORD) 0x00
'(WORD) cdkey product value
'(DWORD) cdkey Public value
'(DWORD) Unknown
'(DWORD) ClientID
'(DWORD) Platform ID
'(DWORD) Battle.net IP
'(DWORD) Unknown (once was clients local info)
'(DWORD[5]) Hash
'(STRING) Account name

The above values, the clients ip address (and maybe some other values) go into the hash, so that the realm server knows that this request is infact the owner of the cdkey+account, authorized by the given battle.net server.


CDKey... agh. I didn't even look at that. That explains it, though. And what do you mean "once was" for locale info?