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Request for Information: SID_AUTH_ACCOUNTCHANGEPROOF (0x56)

Started by Arta, July 06, 2005, 09:13 AM

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Client -> Server:
(BYTE[20])  Client Password Proof (for old password)
(BYTE[32])  Salt (for new password)
(BYTE[32])  Verifier (for new password)

Server -> Client:
(DWORD)     Result
(BYTE[32])  Server Password Proof ("M[2]") (for old password)

Possible result codes:
    0x00:   Password changed.
    0x02:   Incorrect old password.


Does the client echo that data back in the response or is that a mistake? The draft format that's present already does not contain M1, s, or v for the server->client message.


It's a mistake.  The information currently available is correct.
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After 3 years, it's on the horizon.  The new JinxBot, and BN#, the managed Battle.net Client library.

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