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ok this seems kinda stable..

after u killed wave 0 (cleared the throne...) u get:
1:15:22 PM:627GS: 3    a4 3e 00
1:15:22 PM:627GS: 3    a4 17 00
1:15:22 PM:627GS: 0x2C PlaySound; UnitType: NPC; UID: 3797164611; Sound: BaalLaugh

after u killed wave 1 u get:
1:16:06 PM:188GS: 3    a4 69 00
1:16:06 PM:188GS: 3    a4 7d 01
1:16:06 PM:188GS: 0x2C PlaySound; UnitType: NPC; UID: 3797164611; Sound: BaalLaugh

after u killed wave 2 u get:
1:08:23 PM:193GS: 3    a4 2d 02
1:08:23 PM:193GS: 0x2C PlaySound; UnitType: NPC; UID: 3688764627; Sound: BaalLaugh

after u killed wave 3 u get:
1:09:27 PM:899GS: 3    a4 2e 02
1:09:27 PM:899GS: 0x2C PlaySound; UnitType: NPC; UID: 3688764627; Sound: BaalLaugh

after u killed wave 4 u get:
1:02:33 PM:95GS: 3    a4 3b 02
1:02:33 PM:95GS: 0x2C PlaySound; UnitType: NPC; UID: 1343076052; Sound: BaalLaugh

and after wave 5 u dont seems to be getting a4..

anyway the values after a4 is stable for each wave... checked that for like 4 games (atleast stable for hell...)
seems to be related to what happens in baal after a whole wave is being killed...
being recived before:
0x2C PlaySound; UnitType: NPC; UID: 1343076052; Sound: BaalLaugh

which is the baal laughing sound when u kill a wave...

no information about a4 packet anywhere and its pretty small (size is 3...)

any1 got any info on it? (its not the same for each wave... and it might be used for other stuff, i just dont know...)

what do they mean? i couldnt find anything besides this:
47   11   Relator 1      47 [WORD Param 1] [DWORD Unit Id] [DWORD  Param 2]
48   11   Relator 2      48 [WORD Param 1] [DWORD Unit Id] [DWORD  Param 2]

what do they say :X ?

tnx :)
Quote from: Hdx on December 18, 2009, 06:43 PM
I used 'My' as the personal pronoune, meaning I made it. You can find more info on it in the stealthbot wiki.
Its not open source as i need to re-write it  and clean it up using the things i learned writing it the first time.
As for the others, either search here, or search google will get you info on bncsutil.
If you want to know WHAT and WHY they are doing things just ask, but if you just want code, use bncsutil or something.
exactly my point :) just a code wont do for me... im not a big fan of copy pasting...
i'll grab a look at some sources and try to figure it out myself, if i'll need any help i'll post here (or pm u if u can help :) )
tnx alot!
Quote from: rabbit on December 18, 2009, 07:31 AM
MBNCSUtil is amazing, but it's for .Net
BNCSUtil is in C++, but I don't think it's been updated in a while.
If you want Java code, you can download Camel's BNU Bot 2 and see how it does hashing.
can u plz help me with some links?
and where to u search them for?

oh btw how about My Warden.dll? havnt found any info about it..
same goes for , BNHash.dll :X

tnx :)
hi :) im new around here..
i was looking for info about exe hash in the bnet connection protocol and i found this topic:

after reading this replay:
Quote from: Hdx on November 18, 2009, 02:03 PM
The Client Token is a random number generated by your client, it is used to further randomize the encryption used on Battle.net, In short, Pick a random number, and use it for the eintire connection wherever 'Client Token' is referanced.

Exe Version is actually a DWORD, hence why it's labeled (DWORD).  This is retreived from the Exe, EXA if the file's version was 1.1.1 the DWORD would be: 0x01010001 (roughly)

The EXE Hash is calculated by running the 'CheckRevision' function that is in the DLL inside the MPQ that is sen't to you by battle.net in 0x50. But luckally people have reverse engineered that function so you don't have to! There are a few libraries out there that you can use to do this function: BNCSutil.dll, My Warden.dll, BNHash.dll etc...

The simplest way to get these values, is to use BNLS, BNLS will send you all of that information in S->C BNLS_VERSIONCHECKEX2 which you request with C-> BNLS_VERSIONCHECKEX2.

So basically, send BNLS everything you get in 0x50 and it will send you everything you need to send in 0x51

As for unofficial servers that 'dont need a cdkey' they still do, it just doesn't have to be a unbanned/real key. It just needs to decode properly.
i understood that i should use some ready functions in the dlls mentioned... the prob is i couldnt find the dlls...
anywhere i can find them?
my warden sounds nice :P but all of them will be gr8..

oh and there is anything OS (prefered in c/c++ but can also be in java) that does the exe hashing? and maybe some info about it? just to know :)

tnx alot!