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#1 LSU vs #2 Bama

Started by Grok, November 05, 2011, 11:18 PM

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LSU 9, Bama 6 in 1OT.  Can't ask for a better 1v2 match.

The 4th quarter LSU interception of Alabama down on the 1-yard line was really interesting.  I thought the Tide receiver had the ball in his possession until he hit the ground, at which point it skittered over into the LSU db's possession and was ruled an interception.  On multiple replays, I don't see anything to change my opinion.


This game got so boring I switched over to the OSU vs. K state.

On the interception it looked to me like the receiver never really had possession, even though it looked like he caught it. He was falling down with the ball in his hands still held over his head and neither of his feet were on the ground, and by the time he hit the ground you could see the ball was coming loose and the LSU defender took it from him with 1 hand underneath the ball. Either way it would have been a turnover, it was either an interception or a fumble.


I can certainly see it the way you did, only I thought he had possession while falling, and still had possession as he hit the ground.  At that moment, possession seemed to transfer to the DB.  Only after he hit the ground.  So if that really was the case (which is arguable), the ground cannot cause the fumble which allowed the DB to take possession.  He would've been down by contact as soon as hit butt touched the turf.

Boring game?  We only get a regular-season 1v2 every 5 or 10 years.  I guess I love a good defensive battle too, and that one was pretty fun to watch.

Also, I love the SEC refs for not calling impertinent holding every few minutes, like they do in the ACC.


Yea, those teams match up very well. Special teams won the game for LSU I think, missed FGs by bama and that kicker Brad Wing sealed the deal.