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News / Re: Forum changes
April 14, 2011, 07:25 AM
Oh haaaaai :)
I've only just noticed this post! I guess I should check the forums more often.

Anyway. I have been reticent in not getting BnetDocs back up in a timely fashion. Don has obviously put a lot of work into Redux and the fact that he has spent his time on it and given due credit places him leagues above other people who have ripped the site off as their own. It has my support. I'm looking forward to working with Don to make BnetDocs better -- something I've wanted to do for a *long* time but have lacked the time to do properly. Some of you will remember my BnetDocs v2 post and will undoubtedly get the point. I'm looking forward to working with Don to make BnetDocs better and more reliable!

With regard to "hidden" material: I have addressed this point before but I will do so again here, comprehensively, and hopefully, finally. Way back when in ye olde times of yore when BnetDocs started, there was indeed hidden material on it. Essentially, there were a couple of messages that vL members could see, but that others couldn't. Seriously: it was never more than a few, and there were no uber-juicy-secrets. This policy was in keeping with the prevailing attitude of the time: that people should figure stuff out for themselves. It was always my position that this was broadly a good idea, but that enough information should be public for people to be able to make a decent start. That was the original purpose of BnetDocs. With that in mind, I'm sure most of you will understand the reasons for keeping some things private. There was never anything there that an intelligent, determined person couldn't have figured out.

Over time, the community evolved. More people became interested in the subject. The general attitude of bot developers swayed away from reverse engineering, and toward implementing better functionality for Battle.net users. This changed seemed, and seems, natural to me, and BnetDocs' policy changed with it: the hidden material has long ago been removed, or published: removed in the case where the original contributor requested, and published otherwise. The only material that was "hidden" on BnetDocs when it went offline was material with "draft" status: that is, a collection of random odds and ends; observations that were neither reliable nor, taken alone, useful. My feeling was that documentation should be authoritative. Draft material did not meet that standard.

Seriously: no one was missing out on anything cool. This forum contains a lot more material that could be considered "draft" than BnetDocs ever did.

Anyway. As Don said: I have some ideas about where I'd like BnetDocs to go. I hope we can make them a reality.
General Discussion / Re: vl.com
July 13, 2007, 06:59 AM
Ages. I've made noises about getting the database transferred from the old server to the new, but I haven't chased it up very well and nothing's happened so far. The old server appears to be down now so I can't get to it and do it myself. I have a backup but it's not terribly current, would be much better to get the real one. I also can't connect to the web server anymore (at least not with the details I have).

In other words: headache. I've been quite busy recently with other things too so it's been hard to make it a priority :(
hmm. s/Google/Find a torrent/
Hmm -- Google for Jesus Camp if you still want to see it.
Politics / Re: Middle East
April 17, 2007, 04:35 AM
Well, how can there be a peace if nobody's left? A war can result in a period of peace without everyone being dead.
General Discussion / Re: IRC
April 14, 2007, 08:54 AM
I shall idle in these places for a while and pick one to stay in :)
General Discussion / IRC
April 13, 2007, 10:24 AM
Is there an IRC channel where people using these forums congregate? vL's one seems to have gone, irc.betaproductions.net is also down. I'm on IRC more often than I used to be -- would be nice to give it another go. An IRC channel for the boddev community (at least, those of us that rarely use Battle.net anymore) could be pretty cool.
Politics / Re: Middle East
April 05, 2007, 09:34 AM
I don't think human beings are incapable of non-violence. We just find it very difficult. I don't know the answers to these problems but I do know that excessive violence will only escalate the problem. I think we need to walk a very fine line between using enough violence to keep us safe, but not so much that the situation becomes progressively more dangerous, thus requiring more and more violence: a vicious circle. How one should do that I don't know. I don't expect to see "global peace" in my lifetime.

Incidentally: you certainly can gain peace through war. It's just not permanent peace.
A couple of queries:

- Can one copy users/groups/permissions from one windows server to another?
- Can one export lists of broadcast points and their settings from Windows Media Server to an installation of Windows Media Server on a different machine? If Windows doesn't do this would it be possible to write a tool to do it? Does anyone have experience administering WMS?

Assuming the fruits of this this project will be made public, bear two things in mind:

- Ringo is right;
- Blizzard are fairly easy-going on bots (at least so far) but suspect they will take a dim view of software that can join and host games: they'd consider it to be a hack program.

That said, it's an impressive feature list you've got there. Hope it all comes together nicely!
General Discussion / Re: [vL] Vs Denial LawSuit
February 22, 2007, 06:11 AM
Of course it's fake, you prats. It was an april fools joke, and I have to say, my favourite one to date :)
Hmm, I was referring to MapAndLoad, but it's been a while since I looked at these things.