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Spht's Forum / Re: SphtBot version 3.00 build 358
October 05, 2011, 08:32 PM
VERSION SphtBot 3.00 build 372 (2011-Sep-25) by Spht - http://spht.valhallalegends.com/

- profile fields are now black to be consistent with rest of bot, and you can now edit your profile even if you're logged on # name
- 3DES encryption is now fully implemented. new commands: /des /settarget /listkeys /key /randomize /makekey /sendkey /delkey /setkey
- added /poke to poke a user
- simplified botnet dialog
- bot now remembers its window settings (set 'Window options' (REG_DWORD) to 3 to disable this feature)
- irc manager now deletes names in channel you left from instead of saving them forever, which caused inconsistencies when re-entering
- added /encrypt
- added /ircboot to automatically +b hostmask and kick user from channel
- now ignores # and @namespace when determining user color
Battle.net / Re: Ads Disabled
October 02, 2011, 06:31 AM
Ads have been switched off for quite some time now
Spht's Forum / Re: SphtBot version 3.00 build 358
September 17, 2011, 09:26 AM
SphtBot is currently on build 367

- various bug fixes
- vastly improved irc support. bot now keeps an internal list of all names and channels
- added help for some /irc commands, and bot correctly fixes certain outgoing messages
- added 'colorful names extended' (reg_dword) to also show text in same color as name
- added /debug network monitor for bncs/mcp
- added /mcpmotd
- added /pchan
- added /locate for resolving ip location
- fixed dmencrypt outgoing crash for some msgs
- added utf8 processing support for botnet chatter and various irc messages
- /whois now correctly shows d2 character if logged on d2
- added /ircnotify on/off
- added support for irc channel invites
- fixed issue where irc ctcp would not work on some irc servers
- added 'count idle' REG_DWORD option to enable hmm idles
- redesigned irc settings dialog to be more clear
- bot will now display user mode next to name when user talks (togglable through 'IRC show user mode' (REG_DWORD), defaults to on)
- whispering a user over irc will now show their name with correct caps
- now displays correct channel caps for each channel during chatter
- added /irctrout to slap somebody on irc with a large trout
- added /ircsetfinger to set your ctcp finger response
- count idle now resets when you talk
- /irc topic and /irc names can now be used
- updated default d2/lod version codes
Spht's Forum / Re: SphtBot version 3.00 build 358
August 27, 2011, 11:55 PM
This will probably be the last update.

- Various bug fixes
- Added support for some more IRC notifications, and bot now auto-rejoins if it's kicked out of a channel
- Added command /#<channel> for quicker communication with IRC layer
- Added commands /ircr and /ircrw for messaging the last person that whispered to you, and the last person you whispered, respectively
- /irc whois will now show results, and added commands /fircr and /fircrw for whois'ing users that recently whispered to you
- Added option "Colorful names" (REG_DWORD) to enable decorative coloring of Battle.net/Botnet/IRC names
- Added support for logging on with a pre-hashed password (X-SHA1 logon protocol only). To use this, you must specify a password in the format SHA1:40 hex characters. Use /randsha1 to generate a random password
- Added commands /mcplistgames, /mcpgameinfo, /mcpjoingame, and /d2gsinfo
- Botnet administrative commands which were only available in the private build are now available
Spht's Forum / SphtBot version 3.00 build 358
August 13, 2011, 04:52 PM

- Made some grammatical adjustments throughout the bot and fixed some minor bugs
- Vastly improved IRC support
- Added #channel option to /setchatlock command
- Realm name and character name now save correctly when closing the bot, and added additional Realm character class (REG_DWORD) setting
- Fixed issue where channel list order sometimes gets scrambled
- Added a simple user list for the Botnet, which can be accessed by clicking the channel title
- Bot now flashes window if somebody whispers you over Battle.net/Botnet/IRC when it's not in focus. Bot will also flash if setting for "Notify keyword (REG_SZ)" is found in Battle.net/Botnet/IRC chatter.  This will typically be your screen name
- New commands: /ircforceconnect, /ircaction, /ircping, /ircctcp, /ircignoremask, /ircshowraw
- New registry options: Realm character class (REG_DWORD), Disable CTCP (REG_DWORD), Finger reply (REG_SZ), Disable window notify (REG_DWORD)
- Updated the default Warcraft III/The Frozen Throne version codes to be current
Spht's Forum / Re: SphtBotv3 Registry Manager
July 24, 2011, 04:04 PM
Cool. i wonder if there are any more. perhaps open the bot in a text editor? get a spit out of all plain-text in the exe and dll. you should be able to find lots of commands and goodies as well. let me know if you have any questions about what they do or how they work. i'll probably be able to remember.
Battle.net Bot Development / Re: BotNet.
July 10, 2011, 12:36 PM
Cool. that is so ktbpa (hi myst). oh and might want to talk to pianka if you want it to work like the original botnet.  there were several things that aren't mentioned in the doc that i had to make him aware of so bots would work correctly. have fun
News / Re: Forum changes
April 28, 2011, 05:03 PM
whoa (in keanu reeves voice)
Quote from: Purri on September 21, 2009, 04:21 PM
Now has gone half year that i havent touched visual basic 6. Because i found a girl.

You haven't touched visual basic 6 in half a year *because* you found a girl?  i'm not seeing the correlation here.  were you afraid that'd be considered cheating?
/WHOAMI -- Introductions / Re: M[o]H-VietPho-@USWest
September 14, 2009, 12:41 AM
Spht's Forum / Re: SphtBot version 3.00 build 354
September 12, 2009, 02:41 PM
I won't be updating the bot for a long time (if ever), so Known issues:

- Realm name and character name in the configuration dialog do not save changes after closing the bot.  To make permanent changes, manually edit Realm name (REG_SZ) and Realm character name (REG_SZ)
- Channel list ordering sometimes gets scrambled.  To disable ordering completely, set Channel order (REG_DWORD) to 0
Spht's Forum / SphtBot version 3.00 build 354
September 08, 2009, 05:07 PM


- Made several grammatical adjustments and clarifications throughout the bot
- Reworked Warden support so that it is available per-request for all products, instead of just StarCraft/Brood War
- Added a per-profile registry setting, Confirm logon (REG_DWORD) for using BNLS to confirm logon proof.  Some BNLS servers do not support this message, so by default it is disabled.  As such, Warcraft III should now work when using limited BNLS servers
- Added a very basic IRC client that is concurrent with other activity in the main chat window.  Commands /irc <action> and /ircmsg <target> <message> are available for communicating with IRC
- Compiled as "public build" allowing access to several of the features that were previously only available in private builds
- Blizzard representatives, Battle.net administrators, channel operators, and speakers (in that order) are now optionally displayed above regular users in the channel list
- Significantly improved performance of channel list manager
- Bot now acquires external IP address from cooperating BNLS servers which is useful for clients inside a NAT device
- ChatEncode.bcp is no longer necessary as /hex, /dmencrypt, and /reverse commands for hex, dmencrypt, and NBBot-style reverse chat are now supported
- Added /channels command to view available public channels
- /botnetusers command now works again
- Added UTF-8 processing support for Battle.net chatter
- Short visit protection is now configurable via "Shortvisit protect" (REG_DWORD) value between 500 and 5000ms (default is 2500ms)
- Added option to disable the UDP communication subsystem
- Account expiration time is now correctly computed for new accounts
- Bot now decodes Miragechat "encryption"
- Reverse, ROT13, and Miragechat will show original undecoded message since they are all substitution ciphers (optional "Show undecoded" REG_DWORD)
- Fixed the /translate command so that it works again
- Added a per-profile registry setting, Bind IP (REG_SZ) that can be used to override the IP address with which the program uses to connect to various networks
- Multiple users can now be selected in the channel list at once for performing multiple actions
- User flags are now described in tooltips.  Toggle through "Describe user flags" (REG_DWORD)
- Added support for product-specific news (/news).  Battle.net MOTD can also be viewed there
- Diablo II players will now show "completed act" when they have finished the game instead of showing them in a nonexisting act
- Plugin checksums are now verified before autoloading and are not loaded if obsolete or broken
- Added option to show/hide ban/kick notifications
- Added option for auto rejoining the channel after being kicked (only in private channels)
- Fixed issue where bot would sometimes get IP banned from Battle.net while waiting in logon pending state when using certain BNLS servers
- Updated the default Warcraft III/The Frozen Throne version codes to be current
Looks great.  it's nice to see they're moving away from the legacy irc/channel design.  i rather make "friends" to play with in games rather than in a random channel somewhere.  i much prefer the changes they've made.  they said they're eventually going to update all the classic games for this new server infrastructure, so i guess it's safe to say channels won't be around much longer.
Quote from: MysT_DooM on August 21, 2009, 06:46 PM
-And they mentioned about the moderation for cheaters and it seems pretty good..something about them having to entirely buy another copy of the game to start again after being banned. Thus effecting them $$$ wise.

It's always been like that.  if you cheat on starcraft, warcraft3, or world of warcraft, your cd-key gets banned and/or account closed so you have to buy a new cd-key (or new copy of the game prior to blizzard games being purchasable online) and start over
I've uploaded the binarychat plugin sdk material to my website which was previously on the valhalla legends server

Additionally, i've uploaded more sphtbot files--the binarychat emulation layer for plugins, visual c++ 7 runtimes for bcel and plugins, some plugins, and profile launcher