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Started by Spht, December 26, 2002, 09:42 AM

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Welcome to the Battle.net Bot Development forum!

Keep in mind that this is a BOT DEVELOPMENT forum; not a Battle.net general discussions forum.  Any off-topic posts will be deleted.  Please post topics in the appropriate forums.

Constructive posting and polite discussion is encouraged, and outstanding community members are recognized.

We archived interesting topics from the past couple years in the Bot Development References forum.  If you're here looking for help, please use the search feature first--your question may have already been answered.

When posting source code samples, please use the integrated [ code ] and [ /code ] tags (with no spaces).  This ensures that what you have written is properly formatted with correct tabbing and fixed width adjustment.

Thank you,
The Botdev community


I would like to add one note:

While we encourage the furthering of knowledge for the Battle.net community, I would like to ask that we avoid posting long sections of disassembly.  A few lines here and there are acceptable, but please avoid copying full subroutines or substantial sections of code (substantial is typically construed under fair use as more than 15% of a part of a work).  In this case, I am saying that the "work" is broken down by subroutine.

As an alternative, consider noting where the subroutine is in the code.  For example, if it's at 004014f0h of game.exe, say that; it's easy enough for those of us with disassemblers to track it down that way.

Please avoid infringing on copyright.
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After 3 years, it's on the horizon.  The new JinxBot, and BN#, the managed Battle.net Client library.

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