Valhalla Legends Information
Valhalla Legends is a Battle.Net clan that wears the tag [vL]. The purpose of the clan is to provide for its members a single place to gather and talk. It is a clan created to honor individuals who have achieved beyond the ordinary Battle.Netizen. Newbies, lamers, and their ilk are not only uninvited, but banned on sight. The clan provides and maintains a clan channel where all members can talk and have total control over visitors. Any member has the ability to ban any nonmember at any time, for any or no reason. This may not agree with the visitors, but the clan was not created for them.
As it has turned out, most of Valhalla Legends' members have been highly technical. Over half of the members have some solid programming skills while the rest are knowledgable and/or experienced in networking, hacking, cracking, or were simply legendary in some way on during its history.
Those receiving the honor have demonstrated to the vL leadership the required qualities. Valhalla is the banquet hall where Odin would entertain warriors who had died courageously in battle, as those warriors made their way to Asgård, or home of the gods. In much the same way, Valhalla Legends is for people on Battle.Net who are exceptional for one reason or another, as judged and determined entrirely by the leaders and members of vL.
The screening processes are designed to weed out people who, for whatever reason, might pose a disruption to the overall goal of Valhalla Legends. The leaders serve the clan by carefully examining each candidate to meet this goal.
How to Join Valhalla Legends
  • A candidate must first be approved by 2 of the 3 leaders.
  • The candidate will then be voted on by the active members.
  • Membership is granted upon receiving at least 2/3 YES vote from active membership.
Self-Check: Are you worthy?

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